30 July 2007

Selected art - 20 years in review

I've been unearthing my collected artworks from various folders and notebooks around my study and the house... and getting some positive feedback from folks about it. Turns out, my lack of proper training in this area works in my favor, and according to an artist whose work and vision I have tremendous respect for, nobody is apparently doing quite the same kind of work I am, these days.

He also told me that some of my stuff is "seriously good", which comes as a surprise, 'cause I "jest do it"... I haven't sunk vast amounts of time into classroom instruction or classes or whatnot... I haven't been tutored by geniuses... I haven't gone to Paris or Florence to hone my craft. I just go about my day, go about my life, and I draw and write what comes up, as a result.

I've started scanning my collected visual works into the computer, and I'll be uploading them to this site, as I go. I work mostly in paper and colored pencil and crayon and some pastels and some markers and some black pencil and some ink, as well as mixed media, so the textures tend to get lost in translation, especially since my scanner leaves a little to be desired.

And so, without further ado... the first of my visual works I'm posting online -- from May, 1990:

5/90 - Graphite and colored pencil and crayon on paper. 8.5" x 7" Unframed

About this Piece
This work was created in May, 1990, when I was going through a great deal of transitioning around my life, my work, my relationships... basically, everything was up in the air. I was crashing at the pad of a friend, while I was looking for a place to live. Technically, I supposed I could have been considered "homeless", but it was such a heady time of great excitement and change, I didn't mind it at all. It never occurred to me at that time, that I was living on the edge. I didn't see the edge -- I was too busy looking out to the horizon, and I was a whole lot more excited about what I saw there, than what was right in front of me... which was changing rapidly, anyway.