21 January 2008

Angel Heart Ruby at the Heart Art Gallery

Angel Heart Ruby, originally uploaded by kaystoner.

"Oh, my God...." is what everyone has says to me, when I first show them this fractal, Angel Heart Ruby.

I've now got an online gallery of my heart art -- www.heart-art-gallery.com -- where you can see this and other Angel Heart works. The detail is just breathtaking, and when each image is available as a desktop wallpaper for your computer (800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions).

I had Angel Heart Ruby printed at Imagekind -- I've got a gallery there of my Heart Art -- http://kls.imagekind.com/HeartArt -- that lets you purchase fine art giclee prints (on paper and canvas) of this and my other fractals.

The print quality from Imagekind is just astounding. I never expected it to look as great as it does, with all the gradations and color contrasts... but the first time I opened the tube and unrolled the 30x24" matte print, I gasped... Such vibrant colors... such intensity... and I'd never fully guessed, from working on my laptop, just how dramatic the effect would be.

But then, it does look different in a large printed format, than it does on my little laptop screen.

Truly, this is a miracle of computer science, and I'm incredibly blessed to have "midwifed" it.

02 January 2008

New fractal artwork at my Imagekind Gallery

I've got new fractals posted at my Imagekind Gallery

Earth Burst
This round, reflective fractal holds the darkness and deepness of the earth, while at the same time nestling the intricacies of Gaia's innermost secrets along the meridian of the work. It stands in sharp contrast with Gossamer Burst - which is much finer, much more delicate than Earth Burst, and it makes a fitting compliment to Gossamer Burst, which feels much lighter and airier than this piece. This is a more "basic" treatment of the same concept -- as above, so below. Very much in and of the earth.


Gossamer Burst
This round, reflective fractal really jumps out at me as a sharp contrast with Earth Burst - it's much finer, much more delicate, and it makes a fitting compliment to Earth Burst, which feels full of earthiness. This is a more ephemeral treatment of the same concept -- as above, so below. But this time, in dreamtime.