11 November 2007

Introducing "Strange Bedfellows" - A Cautionary Tale for Times of Global Change

It is with deepest gratitude that I now announce the publication of Strange Bedfellows - A Cautionary Tale for Times of Global Change. It is the retelling of an amazingly detailed, epic dream that came to me unexpectedly in 1992. Dreaming this story was like watching an intricate and fully developed feature film -- it was awesome, even a little intimidating.

About Strange Bedfellows

Everything is going great for Paul and Christina. Their careers are fast-tracking them to success, they're moving up in society, and their future prospects are excellent. They take what they desire from the world around them and live life to the fullest. Everyone and everything around them reinforces their entitlement, and they have no reason to question their right to do what they please, when they please, to whomever they please.

But when a strange and horrifying incident takes place in their home, their lives are turned upside-down. In the blink of an eye, everything they've worked so hard for is at risk.

What will they do, when a grisly guest appears out of nowhere? Will they have the courage to make the changes necessary to restore right relationship to their world? And how will they save themselves from a horrible fate they have helped to create?

Strange Bedfellows is a cautionary tale for our times, a retelling of an epic, intricately detailed dream Kay Stoner received in 1992. This is a story of truth and consequence... entitlement and impoverishment... conscious choice and change... and the hazards of being motivated by self-centered fear and short-sighted ignorance.

Strange Bedfellows can be purchased online here at Lulu.com. Proceeds from these sales benefit women who make earth stewardship a priority.

The Journey Into Print

This work has been some 15 years in the making -- a decade and a half of fits and starts... believing in this story, trusting it, pondering its truths, and integrating them into my life. Now, as we propel forward into times of dramatic change on a global scale, it's time to get this story out to the broader world. I give thanks for all the help I've received from seen and unseen folks over the years, to help make this publication possible. I've been challenged and cajoled, encouraged and dismissed, prompted and chastised, supported and urged on, in countless ways by folks who never knew they were contributing to the creation of a book, but helped make it possible by their examples and their expressed needs -- needs for vision, needs for clues, needs for leadership, needs for a new story to tell ourselves about ourselves and our planet and our place on Her.

The creation of Strange Bedfellows truly has been a group effort, in many ways, with me being the steward in the middle, working steadily to make some sense of the many messages and meanings behind this tale, and pulling together the feedback and input and impetus from so many different sources. In the end, though I was given the dream, I am ultimately its steward, and this publication is an act of service to you all -- to us all.

Some dreams are clearly only about the person having it. They touch on aspects of experience that are particular to the dreamer -- symbolic representations of family members and friends, or personal characteristics which beg closer inspection. This dream was clearly not just about me -- the characters were far too well-developed, the scenarios were far too realistic, the events were much too sequential, and the message(s) inherent in the dream plainly had a great deal to do with more than just me.

Oh, no -- this was a dream about us. For us, about us, from us... this dream was us. It's about all of us, in these times of global change... how we react to the choices we've made which endanger our survival, how we choose to alter the course of our lives, and how we do -- and don't -- make sustained change possible.

I hope you'll pay a visit to Strange Bedfellows at Lulu.com and consider the message within. This is a story we all need to work through -- for the good of our planet and the hope of our children.