15 June 2009

More work from last year

I'm working my way through my drawings and paintings from the end of last year, digitizing them and posting them. Eventually, I will get around to posting them individually with information on their media and original dimensions. The colors don't always translate exactly, but I'm pretty happy with how they've come out.

Here are some more:

Central Sun (October, 2007)

Circus (October, 2007)

Double Fuse (October, 2007)

Feather (October, 2007)

Gemini (October, 2007)

Green Fuse (October, 2007)

Gridlock (October, 2007)

K-Type (October, 2007)

Mountain Air I (October, 2007)

Mountain Air II (October, 2007)

Mountain Air III (October, 2007)

Ode to Kandinsky I (October, 2007)

Of Earth (October, 2007)

Omen (October, 2007)

Piet I (October, 2007)

Ringlet (October, 2007)

Self-Portrait (October, 2007)

Splay (October, 2007)

Stormy (October, 2007)

Suess (October, 2007)

Sundown (October, 2007)

Swept (October, 2007)

Treetops (October, 2007)